While strengthening shareholder return policies is being discussed as a solution to the 'Korea Discount' (undervaluation of the Korean stock market), the amount of dividends paid by major domestic companies last year was found to have increased compared to the previous year.

Leaders Index, a business analysis research institute, investigated the dividend amount of 76 companies among the top 500 companies in sales that announced cash and in-kind dividends as of the 8th, and the total amount was 28.4486 trillion won, up 9.3% (2.4 trillion won) from the previous year. 30.6 billion won) increased.

Among the 76 companies, 45 increased their dividend amount compared to the previous year, 12 companies paid the same amount, and 19 companies paid a decreased dividend compared to the previous year.

Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors, which had record-high performance last year, contributed to the increase in overall dividends. Hyundai Motor Company's total dividend, including settlement dividends and semi-annual and third quarter dividends, increased by 63.8% (KRW 1.1683 trillion) from the previous year to KRW 2.09 trillion. It ranked first in dividend increase, recording 198.6 billion won.

The company with the largest decrease in dividend size was LG Chem, which paid out 783.1 billion won in dividends in 2022, but last year's recently announced dividend was reduced by less than half to 274.3 billion won.

In terms of overall dividend amount, Samsung Electronics ranked first, deciding to pay 9.8094 trillion won in dividends, the same as the previous year, despite a large deficit in the semiconductor sector last year.

Leaders Index revealed that Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Jae-yong had the largest individual dividend amount at 323.7 billion won, up 19.5 billion won from the previous year.