The Directorate of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection in Damascus detected violations in a chicken shop in the Zabaltani area, and a warehouse containing expired raw materials used in the manufacture of sweets, in the Ain al-Karsh area in Damascus.

Director of the Directorate, Engineer Mohamed Maher Bayda, explained that during their tour of the Zabaltani area in the central meat market, consumer protection officers arrested a chicken seller for possession of chicken meat and chicken bones, and a quantity of 350 kilograms of chicken meat and skins and a quantity of 650 kilograms of chicken bones were confiscated and completely destroyed. The shop was waxed with red wax, and the seized items were transferred. To the judiciary to complete legal procedures against violators.

Bayda indicated that consumer protection officers seized in the Ain Al-Karsh area a warehouse of raw materials used in the manufacture of sweets (food enhancers) that had expired and the packages did not contain data, amounting to 2,750 kilograms. They were duly seized and the seizure was transferred to the competent judiciary.

Bayda pointed out that the Internal Trade Directorate in Damascus is ready to follow up on any complaint related to the distribution of heating diesel, or bakeries and ovens, or shop owners who violate pricing, calling on citizens to call the complaints number 119 to address any complaint concerning them and prevent weak souls from exploiting them.

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