People are very interested in the special loan for newborns, which lends money to buy a house at a low interest rate to parents who have given birth to a child. However, because the conditions are strict, the dissatisfaction of those excluded is growing.

Reporter Je Hee-won covered the story.


Jeong Min-young, who gave birth to her first child in August of last year, applied for a special loan for newborns, but received a no response.

This is because the apartment that Mr. Jeong received is a rebuilt apartment whose registration is usually delayed.

The Housing and Urban Guarantee Corporation's position is that it places restrictions on unregistered apartments for reconstruction and redevelopment because there is a risk of ownership disputes, but the parties are greatly disappointed.

[Min-young Jeong/Gangseo-gu, Seoul (give birth in August of last year): I am not a union member, and I thought that determining whether or not the housing was supplied based on the type of supply did not fit the purpose of the low birth rate policy.]

Young-min Kim, who gave birth in May of last year, also gave birth. I gave up my application.

There is about 95 million won left on the newlywed villa loan, but as the official price of the villa has fallen, it has become similar to the loan balance, so I received an answer that if I wanted to switch to a special loan under the 70% LTV application, I would have to repay a lump sum at once.

[Bank Employee: Are you able to partially repay more than 30 million won? (No, that's not possible.) Then, refinancing itself is impossible.]

[Kim Young-min/Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do (give birth in May of last year): In fact, these villas (house prices) have all fallen due to rental fraud. I expected to save about 500,000 won a month just by changing this... .]

There is a need to look into whether the requirements are excessively restrictive, contrary to the purpose.

[Woo Seok-jin/Professor of Economics, Myongji University: Since we are providing slightly more loans when housing prices are high, the target audience for support is those who are newlyweds but still have much more assets.] Refinancing the

lease loan is also possible when half of the rental contract period has passed. As dissatisfaction with the condition that only transfers can be made grows, the financial authorities plan to expand the period during which transfers can be made.

(Video coverage: Hwang In-seok, Video editing: Jeong Seong-hoon, Design: Lim Chan-hyuk)