Al-Hasakah - SANA

The quantities of water stored in surface dams in Hasakah increased as a result of the rains that the Jazeera region witnessed during the last period, about 9 million cubic metres, according to the director of water resources in the governorate, Engineer Abdul Aziz Amin.

Amin stated in a statement to a SANA correspondent that most of the quantities of water were allocated to the Martyr Basil al-Assad Dam south of Hasakah, after the flow of the Khabur River and its tributaries and the formation of torrents that poured into the dam, and its current total storage became 89 million and 390 thousand cubic meters, with an increase rate of about 3 million and 500 thousand. Cubic metres, and the share of dams in the Al-Malikiyah, Al-Qahtaniyah and Al-Jawadiyah areas in the north of the governorate was 5 million and 500 thousand cubic metres.

Amin pointed out that increasing the amount of water in the Martyr Basil al-Assad Dam allows several irrigations for agricultural crops extending along the bed of the Khabur River, from the body of the dam all the way to the town of Al-Sour on the administrative border with Deir ez-Zor.

The total storage of surface dams in Al-Hasakah to date has reached 137 million cubic meters, distributed among 9 dams in the governorate.

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