The head of the Economic Wise Men, Monika Schnitzer, has called on the three traffic light parties to agree on spending cuts. It proposes to cut diesel subsidies. "In order to save the necessary billions, all coalition partners will have to make concessions," Schnitzer told the Düsseldorf newspaper Rheinische Post. "An early political solution is important to reduce uncertainty in the economy and the population."

"In any case, it is better to make cuts in places that should be on the deletion list anyway, such as climate-damaging diesel subsidies," the chairwoman of the German Council of Economic Experts continued. "Retirement at 63 should also be reformed sooner rather than later."

However, it would be tricky to cut subsidies for the chip investments of the companies Intel and TSMC, said Schnitzer. "This would not only result in an enormous loss of international confidence, but the locations in eastern Germany would also miss out on important private investment sums that will have a growth-stimulating effect."

In mid-November, following a lawsuit by the CDU/CSU, the Federal Constitutional Court declared the replenishment of the Climate and Transformation Fund (KTF) by unused loans from the Corona pandemic to be inadmissible. This plunged the traffic light government into a budget crisis, because the ruling will also reduce the federal government's financial leeway for the coming years.