Alfa Romeo, official supplier to the Italian police, is a tradition that dates back to 1952, when the Italian police acquired 400 examples of the 1900, and which continued with the career of the legendary Giulia (which accompanies the Tonale in the image). The National Police's Flying Brigade will therefore have 850 Tonales at its disposal. But knowing that these are 1.5 Mild Hybrid versions with 163 hp, we understand that these Alfa's will not be used for high-speed chases.

Style obliges

Even when it comes to their police cars, Italians can't help but look stylish. There's already the choice of a sexy model, of course, but also the way the colors of the police force, and the three colors of the national flag, are applied respecting the curves of the car. In addition to the specific paintwork, we can of course observe the light bar on the roof and the blue LEDs integrated into the grille.

The passenger compartment appears to benefit from a slight armor. It also receives the traditional paraphernalia, such as the communication radio, the external speaker, the connected computer equipment to facilitate controls, electromechanically locking gun compartments, essential in Italy, the small notch to store the signal "lollipop", without which the policemen there are as if naked.

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