The price of gold in the local market rose 12 thousand Syrian pounds per gram carat 21 carats, due to the high price of an ounce globally.

According to the bulletin issued by the Craft Association for Crafting and Jewelry and Gemstones in Damascus today, a gram of 21-carat gold recorded a selling price of 815 thousand pounds and a purchase price of 814 thousand pounds, while the price of a gram of 18 carat recorded a selling price of 698571 pounds and a purchase price of 697571 pounds.

The association set the selling price of an ounce of 995 carat at 30 million and 200 thousand Syrian pounds, and the selling price of the 21-carat gold pound at 6 million and 825 thousand Syrian pounds.

The association stressed on the craftsmen the need to adhere to the regular pricing issued by it, and that complaints can be sent to the numbers 0112248005 and 0112230766.