More and more people are collecting and using the points they receive when they purchase
things. If they can save even a penny in the midst of high inflation, more and more consumers are willing to do something a little troublesome.

I'm Kim so-young.

<Reporter> Kim Ga-eun, a college student in
her 20s,
never forgets to earn points every time she goes to a convenience store.

You can earn up to 2% of the price you pay, which isn't big in itself, but it's a "big mountain."

[Kim Ga-eun/Incheon Namdong-gu: (Points) have accumulated so much that I can buy another item with them and save money, so I think I use them often.]

I was reluctant to accumulate and use it because it was troublesome, but the process has become simpler.

[Kim Ga-eun/Incheon Namdong-gu: Nowadays, you can pay and earn money with a single QR card, so it's really convenient to use...]
As more and more people are trying to
save money, the number of points accumulated at a convenience store increased by 9% and the number of uses increased by 23.17% compared to the same period last year through September this year.

As consumer interest in "last-minute discounts," which sell products that are nearing their expiration date at low prices, has increased, services aimed at thrifty people have also emerged.

Gimbap, sandwiches, and bento boxes with up to 8% discount are posted on the convenience store's own app three hours in advance, and when the consumer selects the product they want and pays for it, the convenience store secures the product and picks it up later.

[Kim Hyun-jung/Gwanak-gu, Seoul: I don't react very sensitively to the expiration date, so I think it would be really nice if I could buy such a product at a low price.]

Subscription services that pay a certain amount of money on a monthly basis and receive a discount a certain number of times are also popular.

Consumers are more price sensitive than ever amid persistently high inflation, and various thrifty spending methods are emerging.

(Video interview: Park Jin-ho, Video editing: Kim Yoon-sung, VJ: Park Hyun-woo)