Jumped 113.3% compared to November 2022

51,11 new investor accounts in Dubai Financial in <> months

Dubai Financial Market (DFM) has recorded significant momentum since the announcement of the listing of 10 government and semi-government companies. Archival

Brokerage firms in the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) added about 50,966 new investor accounts during the first 11 months of this year, amid great momentum witnessed by the market since the announcement of the listing of 10 government and semi-government companies, which contributed to enhancing its attractiveness and attracting new segments of investors.

According to DFM data, the new accounts were distributed over the months of the year with 9014,3608 accounts in November, 3526,4295 new accounts in October, 3570,4246 accounts in September, 5349,4246 accounts in August, 6591,3436 accounts in July, 3082,2023 accounts in June, <>,<> accounts in May, <>,<> accounts in April, <>,<> accounts in March, <>,<> accounts in February, and <>,<> accounts in January <>.

The new accounts witnessed a jump of 113.3% with the arrival of 9014,4226 new accounts during last November, compared to 2022,4788 accounts in November 24, an increase equivalent to 99,<> accounts, and this comes in conjunction with the announcement of Dubai Taxi Company offering <>.<>% of its total issued shares on the Dubai Financial Market, while the offering and acceptance of listing are expected to be completed on the seventh of December.

According to the data, Emirates NBD Securities accounted for the largest share of new investor accounts with 12,699 accounts, followed by BHM Capital with 9705,8028 accounts, Al Ramz Capital with 5180,4160 accounts, Abu Dhabi Islamic Securities with 3223,<> accounts, International Securities with <>,<> accounts, and Mashreq Securities with <>,<> accounts.

EFG Hermes UAE came in seventh place with 1505,1079 accounts, followed by Abu Dhabi Commercial Securities with 1014,831 accounts, First Abu Dhabi Securities with 735,641 accounts, Argaam Securities with 596 accounts, HSBC Middle East with 448 accounts, Sharjah Islamic Financial Services with <> accounts, Shurooq Stocks & Bonds with <> accounts, and Al Ansari Financial Services with <> accounts.

On the other hand, the 29 brokerage firms in the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) executed more than 3.6 million transactions during the first 11 months of this year, on 100 billion shares, worth more than AED 190.6 billion.

EFG Hermes UAE accounted for the largest share of the total value of brokerage firms trading during the mentioned period at 19.3%, or AED 36.7 billion, followed by BHM Capital with a 16.04% stake equivalent to AED 30.5 billion, Arqaam Securities with AED 21.5 billion or 11.28%, and Emirates NBD with AED 15.1 billion (7.94%).

Abu Dhabi Islamic Securities came in fifth place with AED 12.49 billion, or 6.55%, Al Ramz Capital with AED 12.1 billion, or 6.36%, and Xcube Market Maker with AED 9.5 billion, or 5%.