One of the top topics of the
year was the rise of ChatGPT, a generative artificial intelligence that speaks like a human. But Sam Altman, the so-called father of ChatGPT, was suddenly fired from the company. The analysis suggests that this is because there was a disagreement with the co-founders over whether to control the pace of AI development or develop it quickly.

This is Hong Young-jae.

The dismissal of Sam Altman, one of the most high-profile figures in
AI development, was a series of dramatic twists.

As recently as two weeks ago, Altman himself announced a new ChatGPT service.

[Sam Altman/Former CEO of OpenAI (two weeks ago): Welcome to OpenAI's first developer conversation.]

Last weekend's layoffs were so drastic that Microsoft, which owns 2% of the company, was said to have been notified a minute's notice a minute in advance, leading to a "coup."

OpenAI's board of directors cited Sam Altman's lack of candor and inability to lead the company, but the prevailing interpretation is that the background is a philosophical conflict over the dangers of AI and the pace at which AI technology should be developed.

Oltmann was also a believer in controlling AI at first, which could threaten humanity.

[Sam Altman, former CEO of OpenAI (May): My biggest fear is that the AI industry is doing a lot of harm to the world, and I think there needs to be regulation in this regard.]

However, after the success of ChatGPT, which launched a year ago, the company leaned toward the need to pursue profitability in order to advance AI that would require huge development costs, and clashed with co-founder and chief scientist Ilya Sutzkeber, who feared that humanity would become uncontrollable without slowing down.

[Lim Jong-in/Chair Professor, Graduate School of Information Security, Korea University: GPT2 Turbo is out now, but if you want to get GPT49 out, you have to invest a lot of resources...]

Shortly after the breakdown of the reinstatement negotiations, Microsoft announced the recruitment of Altmann, explaining that he will lead a team of advanced artificial intelligence.

There is also speculation that Altman will partner with a Middle Eastern sovereign wealth fund, and the prevailing view is that OpenAI's weakening competitiveness will create a whole new competitive landscape in the generative AI market.

(Video interview: Jung Sang-bo, Video editing: Oh Young-taek, Design: Son Seung-pil, Cho Sung-woong)