Positive start to the week on Wall Street. The Dow Jones gained 0.10% and the Nasdaq half a percentage point: the spotlight was on the artificial intelligence sector after Microsoft announced the hiring of Sam Altman (former co-founder of OpenAi, who has just been fired) to its AI team. Microsoft stock is up one and a half points.

In Europe, stock markets are still uncertain, in the wake of a sluggish morning. Milan remains below parity like London and Frankfurt, while Paris advances 0.13 percent.

After Moody's assessment of Italy (last Friday, after the markets closed) today the spread is down sharply to 172 basis points, with the yield on our ten-year bond falling to 4.34%.

The dollar is still slowing down. The euro trades at 1.0941 against the greenback. The new trend of weakness in the U.S. currency depends on growing bets on Fed rate cuts next year.