The General Organization for International Exhibitions and Markets (GEIE), in cooperation with the Telecommunications and Post Regulatory Authority (TPRA) and Digital Horizon (Digital Horizon), launched today the National Electronic Lottery version on your mobile, which allows those wishing to book a lottery ticket via mobile phone.

The director of the institution, Halim Al-Akhras, said in a statement to SANA correspondent that this version is the 17th version, and those wishing to buy it from today, where they can choose a five-digit number and send it to the number 1440 from any cell line or send the word withdrawal to choose a random number, or enter the smart list on the number "square 1440 stars" or through the website of the service.

Al-Akhras explained that the price of the card is 1500,150 Syrian pounds, which is deducted from prepaid lines or added to the bill for postpaid numbers, noting that the total prizes amount to 100 million Syrian pounds, while the grand prize is <> million Syrian pounds.

In a related context, Al-Akhras pointed out that the Foundation has put on the market the first New Year's issue for 2024 from the lottery of the Damascus International Fair, and the grand prize is one billion liras, and the total prizes for the issuance are more than three billion, and the number of cards reached 800 thousand cards.

In May 2022, the National Authority for Network Services granted a final license to Digital Horizon Ltd. to operate the national electronic lottery application on the Syrian network, after the application obtained the approval of the General Organization for Exhibitions and International Markets to launch services through it, in accordance with the controls and regulations for electronic applications operating on the network.

Manar Deeb

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