The rift that opened up in the "patriotic" circles as a result of the Munich Putsch should be closed at all costs in order to make up for the setback suffered by the right's ambitions for power as a result of Adolf Hitler's premature and clumsy coup. State Commissioner General Gustav von Kahr is to remain the "saviour", and the special state of emergency in Bavaria is to be maintained so that the right-wing struggle against the republic and the oppression of the republicans can continue. In the eyes of those for whom the conquest of power is everything, Herr von Kahr has not become impossible.

Under his protection, the Nazis were able to set up their formations, drill them in and prepare the putsch. Under his protection, an attack could take place that left the country's leading men at the mercy of Hitler. Every precaution had been omitted, so that the Bavarian ministers, who had come in confidence in the State Commissioner-General, were taken prisoners, the State Commissioner himself, the commanders of the Reichswehr and the State Police, German men, and high officers, in breach of their word of honour, as they themselves proclaimed, had to play a comedy of deception. The authority of all state powers was dealt a fatal blow under the protection of Herr von Kahr, who called the strengthening of state authority his first task.

If such a fate had befallen a responsible statesman of republican Germany, what scorn and insult would the press of the Right have heaped upon him, what possibility of justification would have been left to him? The dishonest, cowardly disposition of the right-wing press of Munich was revealed when, the next morning, it found not a word of protest, nay, only of doubt, against Hitler's deed, but on the second day it resolutely defended and flattered the State Commissioner-General, and even celebrated his intellectual greatness and heroic deed. How poor in leading and superior, nay, only in intelligent and superior minds, must be the right wing that reproaches republican Germany for lack of leadership, if Herr von Kahr is to be called the saviour of Germany again today!

And this coup d'état cost the lives of precious German youth, a youth who trusted their leaders in believing that the hour of liberation of Germany had struck, which had never been made aware of the impossibility of a war of revenge, which had been stirred up not only against the external enemy, but also against the internal enemy, because it was to be an instrument of the conquest of power. This youth sealed their delusion with death. Today, the lawn covers them, and "German" men are busily at work, picking up where the prank of November 8 had disturbed them.

One tries to calm the indignant, assures them that one is of one mind with them, that now the quarrel must be buried and the struggle for the national idea must be taken up together under the leadership of the appointed statesman. They pay homage to the flag of the putschists and hoist the black-white-red flag on the barbed-wire-fenced General State Commissariat and the Military District Command, which has become an expression of hostility to the Reich and its constitution.