First, despite all warnings, the traffic light ignored budget principles enshrined in the Basic Law in order to secure credit authorizations from the time of the previous coalition of 60 billion euros, which would otherwise have expired.

Then she is surprised that the Federal Constitutional Court not only reprimands her actions, but also retroactively cashes them in. It's hard to say what's more frightening. After the verdict, the Federal Chancellor resolutely announced that it would be heeded. Well, what else?

The Minister of Finance assists by stating that planned expenditures for which the foundations have broken down may no longer be made. That, too, goes without saying. But what does the ruling mean for the 2023 budget if ancillary budgets cannot be used as planned? Does this force a renewed recourse to the debt emergency clause? How can this be justified? And what does all this mean for next year?

So far, there are only questions, no answers from the traffic light. She's standing there naked. It's a sad picture.