companies have been using cheaper ingredients or sneaking down on products of the same price. There are also cases of this kind of gimmick in bundled products. The price per piece of a bundle is higher than that of a single product, cleverly exploiting the psychology of the people that the more they buy, the cheaper they will be.

Reporter Park Ye-rin interviewed.

Bundled products that can be easily found in
large supermarkets and online shopping malls.

It is common sense to think that it will be cheaper than individual products, so it is often chosen for thrifty consumption.

[Kim Jun-sung/Yongsan-gu, Seoul: I tend to buy a lot in bundles, but I think they sell cheaper...]
However, it is not uncommon to find that the price of a bundle is higher than that of a single item.

In the case of cup noodles, which are sold at 980 won each, the price of a pack of 6 is 5,980 won, which is about 1 won per piece, which is more expensive than a single one.

The same goes for coffee.

A pack of 997 costs 10 won each, while a pack of 1 costs 210 won each.

The more consumers buy, the more they buy.

It is not uncommon for the packaging to be bundled and the actual price is the same.

The price of each bag of ramen noodles is 150 won.

However, the price of the boxed products is practically the same at 212 won per piece.

Beer and bottled water are the same, but they are more frequent in online shopping malls.

[Kang Shin-young/Yongsan-gu, Seoul: Still, when I buy it, I buy a little bit in the hope that it will be much more profitable to buy it in such a large capacity, but I think I was deceived (when the price difference).]

Recently, amid high inflation, food companies have been on the chopping block one after another, such as reducing capacity or using cheaper ingredients.

Currently, online shopping malls are constantly monitored and informed by the Consumer Agency about deceptive pricing, but it is necessary to expand this to offline products as well.

(Video interview: Jung Sang-bo, Video editing: Kim Ho-jin, VJ: Park Hyun-woo)