Which electric cars can be driven by the ecological bonus? Answer on December 15 with the publication of the list of eligible vehicles from January 1, 2014. Two texts published Tuesday or Wednesday in the Official Journal will also detail the method of calculating this "environmental score" which also aims, indirectly, to limit imports of Chinese cars in France.

The score will be calculated by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe) with data provided by the manufacturers. It will take into account the carbon footprint of production: the materials used, the assembly, the battery and its manufacture still very CO2 emitter, as well as the transport of the vehicle from its place of manufacture. Only electric cars with a minimum score of 60 points will be eligible for this aid of several thousand euros allocated to the purchase or long-term lease.

Promoting French and European production

The France is thus innovating at European level, while the Union is slow to position itself against these new competitors. "We will stop subsidizing electric vehicles that have a bad carbon footprint," which "will make it possible to promote the most virtuous industrial production," Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said in a statement sent by the ministry.

"We are giving an advantage to French and European companies that are making the effort to reduce their environmental footprint," said Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Minister of Energy Transition. If no criterion will be eliminatory, the ministry judged Monday that the score indirectly favored European production.

In China, which dominates the electric car market, the industry is still largely dependent on coal at a time when more and more manufacturers are trying to enter the European market, often at discounted prices. Some models, especially small ones, produced in Asia could be eligible, the ministry said.

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