Mahle is an automotive component engineering and manufacturing company. This company has no bias, since it continues to develop injection systems for combustion engines, high-performance V12s for exotic hypercars and... electric motors. His latest creation in this area is in fact the fusion of two previous innovations, which have the potential to change the game of electromobility.

On the one hand, we have the characteristics of the SCT concept of 2022: an oil cooling system, which allows the engine to run at 100% of its power, without overheating, so all day if you want. This is not the case for the motors currently used in electric cars, which are programmed to reduce the available power from a certain operating temperature.

Without rare earths

On the other side, we have the MCT concept, an electric motor without magnets or brushes, which transmits its power without any friction. Benefits? An energy efficiency of 95% only achieved by the electric motors used in Formula E (electric F1), a reduced number of components necessary for manufacturing, and especially the absence of magnets, notoriously "greedy" in rare earths.

Clearly, Mahle does not need to buy anything in China or elsewhere to manufacture this engine, potentially much cheaper than anything on the market. When will there be a "perfect engine" in electric cars? Mahle has not yet announced a deadline for the transition to production.

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