A Danish company whose activity is the production of green hydrogen, Everfuel has just announced that it not only abandons the development plan for hydrogen stations in the country, which was to have 19 refueling points by the end of 2023, but will also close the three existing stations. In question, the glaring lack of profitability of these stations. In fact, the number of "hydrogen" cars on the road (136 throughout Denmark) is very insufficient to ensure satisfactory attendance at stations. As a result, keeping them in service has already resulted in a loss of 11 million euros in the first half of 2023. "We cannot continue to subsidize the public hydrogen grid," said the CEO of Everfuel.

For heavy goods vehicles

In its statement, Everfuel nevertheless stresses that it will of course continue to produce its green hydrogen, while reviewing its outlets. Contract customers will continue to be supplied, and the company will continue to develop "private" stations, especially for trucks and large vehicle fleets. Clearly, the distribution for passenger cars is put on hold, until the technology is deemed more mature, and more vehicles are on the market.

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