For areas less than 3000 and more than 6000 square feet

Bayut monitors villa rental areas in Dubai by area

Palm Jumeirah offers villas with large areas and an average annual rent of AED 1.55 million. Archival

A recent report by Bayut Real Estate website monitored the prices of renting villas in Dubai annually, according to square feet and the areas most sought after for rent according to searches on the site.

Total space is the most decisive factor when it comes to renting a villa in Dubai, with small families renting small or medium villas that suit them.

The Villa Rental Index identified the spaces that tenants are looking for, ranging from 3000,3001 sq. ft. for small villas, between 6000,6001 sq. ft. and <>,<> sq. ft. for medium-sized villas, to more than <>,<> sq. ft. for large villas.

According to Bayut's report, Mirdif, Dubai South and DAMAC Hills 2 are among the best areas and communities to rent villas with areas under 3000,110 sq. ft. of less than <>,<> sq. ft. of less than <>,<> sq. ft. of Mirdif offering family-friendly villas with an average rent of AED <>,<> per year.

DAMAC Hills 2 in Dubailand, located 20 minutes from um Suqeim Road, offers several villas for rent with an area of less than 3000,86 sq. ft. with an average annual rent of AED <>,<>, the lowest on the list.

Dubai South is the focus of attention for tenants, investors and buyers alike, due to its many special advantages, such as hosting international events and providing a wide range of service and entertainment facilities. Villas in the area abound under 3000,102 sq. ft. with an average annual rent of AED <>k.

Mirdif was once again ranked among the best villa rental areas in Dubai for medium areas ranging from 3001,6000 sq. ft. to <>,<> sq. ft., followed by Jumeirah and Dubai Hills Estate.

The average rent for villas in Mirdif is AED 129,373 per year, Jumeirah, one of the most popular residential areas along the coast of Dubai, AED 367,<> and Dubai Hills Estate AED <>,<> per year.

The best areas for renting villas in Dubai with areas of more than 6001,<> square feet were Al Barsha in first place, followed by Palm Jumeirah and Mirdif.

According to Bayut, Al Barsha is one of the main vibrant residential areas and has become a commercial and residential destination with many affordable housing options and has become a self-sufficient area in Dubai.

The area offers several options for villas for rent with areas of more than 6001,409 sq. ft. and an average annual rent of AED <>k.

Palm Jumeirah is the world's largest man-made island and has become an eye-catching landmark, and villas for rent in large areas can be found with an average annual rent of AED 1.55 million, the highest on the list.

Mirdif has also booked a rank in the large villas area, an indication of the real estate diversity in the area, so it offers villas for rent with areas of more than 6001,164 square feet and an average annual rent of AED <>,<>.