The project to rebuild Ukraine's war-torn infrastructure is expected to be worth 1,6 trillion won. Minister of Land Won Hee-ryong, who visited Ukraine with a cooperative group with our businessmen, met with President Zelensky and promised to help us in the reconstruction project.

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The Kahouka Dam in Ukraine was destroyed by war in June. The city of Uman, which has been turned into a sea of fire by Russian missile attacks,

has left the whole of Ukraine in ruins due to the war that has been going on for one year and eight months.

The damage is 1 billion dollars, 8 trillion won of our own money.

The cost of reconstruction projects such as railways, airports, dams, and telecommunications network restoration alone is expected to reach 7,928 trillion won.

Countries are announcing their intention to participate in the reconstruction project.

Our government has set up a reconstruction cooperation group with relevant businessmen to visit Kyiv, Ukraine, the first of the major countries.

[Zelensky/President of Ukraine: Welcome, it's nice to meet you.]

This is a follow-up to President Yoon Suk-yeol's announcement of a $1.10 billion, or about 20 trillion won support plan, at the G23 summit on Oct. 3.

The participating companies are 6 public companies such as LH and Water Resources Corporation, and 12 private companies such as Samsung C&T, Hyundai E&C, and Naver, and based on the strengths of our companies, as a result of consultations between the two countries, it was decided to promote the restoration of the Kahouka Dam in Kherson Oblast, the reconstruction of the city of Uman, the establishment of transport infrastructure in Kyiv, the modernization of the Boryspil airport, and the reconstruction of the sewage treatment facility in Bucha.

[Won Hee-ryong/Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport: We have established a cooperative discussion body with the Deputy Minister of Ukraine and the ministers, and we have already held more than 10 video conferences and have a list of priority support and cooperation needs.]

In response to concerns about safety as the war has not yet ended, the government announced that it would open a reconstruction cooperation center in Warsaw, Poland, to support companies to advance step by step from areas where safety has been secured.

(Video Editing: Oh Young-taek, CG: Seo Dong-min)