Last month, a passenger opened the emergency exit door on an airliner that was on landing. The aircraft's emergency exit door was left open for nearly 10 minutes, and the repair cost was estimated to be more than 6 million won.

Reporter Ahn Sang-woo reports.


At 26:12 noon on the 37th of last month, the emergency exit door of an Asiana airliner that was about to land at Daegu Airport suddenly opened.

The passenger, 33-year-old Mr. Mo, who was sitting right in front of the emergency exit door, forced the door open, but at that time it was only 213 meters at an altitude.

The investigation revealed that at this altitude, it was possible to open the emergency exit with only about 20 kg of pressure.

With the doors open, the aircraft landed on the runway, and while driving down the runway, Mr. Lee unbuckled his seatbelt and attempted to escape.

Seeing this, the flight attendant and passengers calmed him down, and within eight minutes of the doors opening, the aircraft was connected to the airport boarding bridge.

The police call was more than 8 minutes later.

At first, they didn't know it was Mr. Lee's crime, but when he confessed to an airline employee who accompanied him to observe his breathing problems, it led to a police report.

The incident shattered the aircraft's emergency exit doors and slides, and the repair cost was estimated to reach 30 million won.

Asiana plans to file a claim with the insurance company for damages, including repair costs, but it may also file a claim against Mr. Lee for damages.

[Lee Jae-hee/Lawyer: If the amount that the insurance company can pay is less than the actual damage suffered by Asiana or the damage compensated by Asiana to the passengers, the perpetrator can also be charged.]

There are still 6 aircraft of the same type as the one involved in the accident in the country.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport is discussing with investigating authorities how to share information on passengers with a record of serious aviation law violations.

(Video Editing: Kim Ho-jin, CG: Jegal Chan, Lim Chan-hyuk)