Friendly Economic Reporter is here. Kwon, this is an app that allows you to check in advance whether your home is at risk of charter fraud. There was something that the government launched in February, but it has changed to be more helpful?

Yes. I'm going to show you more about it today.

If you go to the App Store, there is an app made by the Housing and Urban Guarantee Corporation HUG. This is what the icon looks like.

If you download this app, you will be able to see it from 12 noon today (31st), and the most notable thing is that the tenant can find out on his phone whether the landlord I am renting is trustworthy.

This is a change from the same app, where landlords and tenants could only meet in one place and check with the app on the landlord's phone.

You can't just take a copy of the online register and try it at any house. Since there are privacy issues, landlord consent is required.

If the landlord agrees to the notification sent at the request of the tenant, the renter can check the app on his or her phone to see if the person has missed any taxes or paid a warranty.

A certificate called a "safe landlord certificate" is also issued to a model landlord.

This can be issued if it has an exemplary history in the case of people who have a history of evaluation, that is, some existing rental history.

So you have to have a certificate, but you're not a reliable landlord.

However, it would be more reassuring if a landlord who has been in the rental business or seems to have paid a lot of rent in the past has such a certificate.

In an atmosphere where tenants can choose their own homes, it may be easier for landlords to have a certificate to make it easier to rent.

Are there safeguards in place for multi-family homes, new villas, which have been particularly at risk in
recent charter fraud cases?

You can see the market price information one month before the completion of the
newly built villa. However, the new villas don't actually have a real market price.

Moving into such a house with a deposit that was larger than the appropriate amount and then being scammed was a typical example of charter fraud.

That's why a real estate agent selected by the real estate agent will evaluate the potential market price of the new house in advance, and the appraisal value will be disclosed as market price information after verification by the real estate agent.

When you sign a lease contract for a new villa and are confused about whether this amount of deposit is okay, I will disclose the price as a reference.

Previously, you could only view the market price on the app for one month after completion.

A month after completion, you should have already completed the contract and moved in. It's too late. You need to know about dangerous homes before you sign a contract.

This market information, which is useful for estimating a reasonable deposit, is published in 12.52 million units nationwide, not only villas and villas nationwide, but also apartments and officetels.

However, multi-family housing, which cannot be registered separately for each house, is still difficult to inquire about the market price.

I really wish I didn't have to fall victim to
charter fraud anymore. Tell us a little bit about the other apps. When it comes to getting a credit loan, finding the best deal for you and switching to another product will be easier today.


You already use a lot of interest rate comparison apps.

What's different from today is that you don't just compare, but once you've made a comparison, you'll be able to switch from your existing loan to a loan that's a little more advantageous to you right inside your smartphone.

There are two main ways to do this. Traditional loan comparison apps such as 'Toss' and 'Pinda' or traditional financial company apps such as bank mobile banking, you need to open one of these first.

Starting with the credit loan, it will be done today. And there are two main things that should not be confused here.

Traditional loan comparison platforms such as Toss or Pinda. Here, you can compare the loan rates and terms of various financial companies' products in one place and then change.

Don't think I've seen the conditions of all the commodities that exist in our country.

It is a concept that collects only the products of financial companies affiliated with the platform in one place. So it can vary from platform to platform.

Second, if you go into a specific banking app from the beginning. For example, I was in a loan to Bank A and went into the Bank B app.

Then, if there is a better alternative to Bank A's loan, they will only look for Bank B's loan products.

The 7 loan comparison platforms that we are showing you on the screen right now If you open it here from today, you will have a loan transfer screen.

After completing the consent process for providing my financial information, I will start with a credit loan, so I will have to enter information such as my income conditions.

Then, you can take into account the repayment fee and find a loan that gives you the best interest rate at the moment.

If you sign a contract to change products right away, your existing loan will be paid off automatically.

If you are not familiar with the app, you can visit the bank branch directly. You can get the most favorable interest rates among the bank's products.