The US economy is facing many challenges amid uncertainty, especially after the crisis that hit a number of banks starting last March.

A Fox News poll showed pessimistic estimates of Americans about the future of their country's economy, which is going from bad to worse, as the poll revealed that inflation remains the biggest concern, with 83 percent of people surveyed believing that the economy is in a weak or bad state.

Sixty-six percent rated their personal finances as bad, 66 percent worried about inflation, and 90 percent worried about the country's future as a result of those conditions.

Fox News quoted Democratic pollster Chris Anderson, who conducted the poll with Republican Daron Shaw, as saying that inflation is an intractable economic problem, and therefore an intractable political problem, and US President Joe Biden will have a hard time proving that his fiscal policies help Americans.

Inflation remains high in the United States despite a long-running campaign to raise interest rates by the central bank.

The results of the survey, conducted in May, which included interviews with 1001,<> people, showed high concern in the United States about the safety of the banking system and the ability of citizens to pay their bills.

The results also showed negative evaluations of the Biden administration's performance, with 48 percent believing that the US president's policies hurt their families.

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