The railway and transport union (EVG) has rejected the improved tariff offer of Deutsche Bahn as "inadequate" and called on the employers for Wednesday for further talks. "Essential points of our demands are still not met," said negotiator Kristian Loroch late Tuesday evening. "What is currently on the table is socially unjust." The corresponding decision of the responsible collective bargaining commission was unanimous.

"We therefore call on Deutsche Bahn to adjust its offer accordingly and to continue negotiating with us immediately," Loroch continued. "We have invited our Central Collective Bargaining Commission to Berlin and will be able to continue negotiations as early as Wednesday." This is in the interest of the company, "because as long as we sit at the negotiating table, there will be no strike".

The state-owned company had made the offer to the union during negotiations last Thursday and called on the EVG to comment up to and including this Tuesday.

For the approximately 180,000 employees affected, Deutsche Bahn has gradually promised twelve percent of the lower wage groups. A total of ten percent more is to be given to the middle groups and eight percent to the upper ones. The first stage of increase is expected to come this year. In addition, there is also a gradual inflation compensation premium totaling 2850 euros, which could be paid tax-free and duty-free from this July. The term is to be 24 months.

The union, on the other hand, is demanding a fixed amount of at least 650 euros per month, more or twelve percent for the upper wage groups. According to their ideas, the term should be only twelve months. So far, the EDC has strictly rejected one-off payments.