As you saw
earlier, the launch of the Nuri was a success, but there is also some unfortunate news. One of the four satellites that observe space weather is not communicating at all. There is also the possibility that there was no separation at all.

Then there's Koo Hee Jung.

After the separation of the next-generation small satellite No. 4 from
Nuri, the very small satellites will enter space orbit one after another.

There are seven in total, all of which are nano-class satellites that are small in size and weigh less than 2 kg.

Four of them are Toyosat made by Garam, Narae, Dasol, Raon, and the Astronomical Research Institute.

It was supposed to be a small but tall satellite, so it was named after a combination of a sniper and a satellite.

However, the whereabouts of Dasol, the third of the four Toyosats, is mysterious.

Units 7 and 10 have successfully communicated with the Astronomical Research Institute, and Unit 4 has been signaled from overseas, but Unit 4 is still unreachable.

The camera on board the Nuri is also photographing the direction of Units 3 and 1, so it is not clear whether Unit 2 has been separated.

Either you have trouble catching the signal, or you have become a space lost with the wreckage of the Nuri.

Toyosat's main mission is to observe space weather, such as the Earth's magnetic field, and it is also aimed at securing satellite formation flight technology, which flies at intervals of four gigs.

It is fortunate that even with 4~3 aircraft, the formation flight technique itself can be tried.

[Lee Jae-jin, Head of Space Science Division, Korea Astronomical Research Institute: If we look at the formation flight itself, even if it is only the second plane, we can try to fly in formation, which is called a column and a crossing....]

If Unit 2 is safe and is hovering at the same altitude of 4 km, it is possible to adjust its speed and join up with another satellite squadron.

In the event of a complete disappearance, one ToyoSat could be sent into space on another rocket, but it would not be of much benefit.

The Ministry of Science and Technology will also continue to try to communicate with Toyosat and one other civilian satellite that has not yet been able to communicate, and will announce the results tomorrow.

(Video Interview: Choi Ho-joon, Video Editing: Park Jung-sam)

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