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The government has decided to move forward the summer electricity supply and demand period in preparation for the possibility of early heat.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy held a meeting with KEPCO and others and announced that it would operate the summer electricity supply and demand countermeasure period from the 26th of next month.

Last year, the countermeasure period started on July 7th, but this year it was moved to the last week of June.

While it has been common for summer electricity demand to peak around the second week of August, when temperatures are high and industries return from summer vacations, the Ministry of Industry has determined that this year's summer power peak is likely to occur in July, given recent temperature trends.

the Korea Consumer Agency urged consumers to be cautious, saying that consultations related to VietJet Airlines and AirAsia are increasing significantly.

There were many consultations about low-cost airlines that are mainly used when traveling in Southeast Asia, such as refusal to refund, and from January last year to March this year, 4 consultations related to VietJet Airlines and 6 related to AirAsia were received by the Consumer Affairs Agency.

For example, if a flight is canceled due to the airline's circumstances, the airline will refund the fare only in the form of a reserve that can be used on a limited basis to purchase the company's products, and refuse to cancel the credit card payment.

This reserve is valid for up to two years and cannot be transferred to another person, so if you do not fly the airline again within that period, you will be incurred for damage.

In particular, AirAsia did not provide a clear indication of when refunds would be issued, and in some cases, refunds were not issued for more than two years.

Kakao Pay announced that it provides loan services with the five largest banks in the market.

The government's loan business allows financial consumers to easily check favorable conditions and easily change loan products non-face-to-face, and Kakao Pay is the only one where all five major banks have entered.

(Video editing: Lee Seung-seung)