The President of Iconex Global, a digital infrastructure specialist

Maktoum bin Mohammed: Our partnerships with technology developers around the world are a pillar that supports Dubai's digital transformation process

Maktoum bin Mohammed during his meeting with Charles Meyers. From the source

His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, First Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, met yesterday with Charles Meyers, President and CEO of Econics, a global digital solutions and data center company, at the headquarters of the Court of His Highness the Ruler of Dubai. During the meeting, His Highness stressed Dubai's keenness to strengthen partnership and cooperation relations with the most important and prominent technology makers and developers in the world, as these partnerships represent a key pillar that supports the comprehensive digital transformation process in the emirate, and contributes to accelerating its pace, in a way that consolidates Dubai's position as a leading destination and an active partner in advancing the global technological development process, by providing a supportive environment that enables technology makers and developers to expand their businesses and access promising markets in the region.

His Highness explained that the transition to the digital environment is a priority aimed at serving the community, promoting sustainable development and increasing the efficiency of vital sectors, in support of Dubai's aspirations and strategic objectives, through which it seeks to be one of the most important economic cities in the world during the next 10 years.

In a tweet, His Highness said: "I met with Charles Meyers, President and CEO of Econics, the global leader in digital solutions and data centers, and discussed the company's projects and the promising opportunities Dubai offers for growth in digital fields."

His Highness continued: "Digital transformation is a priority aimed at the happiness and service of society and increasing the efficiency of vital sectors, and our partnerships with technology developers in the world enable technology makers to expand their businesses, consolidating Dubai's position as a leading destination in the present and future of technology globally."


During the meeting, they reviewed the cooperation relations between Dubai and Iconex, a global specialist in the field of digital infrastructure and data centers, and the prospects for enhancing them, in light of the opportunities offered by Dubai supported by advanced and flexible legislative and regulatory frameworks, with the company owning one of its largest data centers in Dubai Production City, which covers an area of approximately 41,<> square feet.

Dubai Road

For his part, Charles Meyers, President and CEO of Iconex, expressed his appreciation for Dubai's development approach based on adopting future solutions, harnessing technology, and benefiting from the capabilities it offers to support comprehensive development, stressing his pride in the exemplary cooperation relations that have always brought together the two sides, and the company's aspirations to advance this cooperation in light of Dubai's continued strengthening of its digital infrastructure, which has been proactive in establishing its foundations for many years.

Meyers explained that the company's Dubai DX1 data center in Dubai provides its services to a wide range of customers in the UAE and across the Middle East, stressing that Dubai's distinguished geographical location is a major advantage that supports the center's ability to provide its services to a group of vital markets in the region.

Iconex International

Founded in Silicon Valley in the United States in 1998, Iconex is one of the world's leading companies in the field of digital infrastructure, and provides its services to many vital sectors, including the government and financial sectors, industrial, health, retail, education and transportation, through its global network of 37 countries, which includes 198 data centers, in addition to 50 additional centers currently under construction. The company's revenues for 2022 recorded about $ 7.263 billion, while the company's revenues reached $ 2023 billion during the first quarter of <>.