The Prevention Department of the Directorate of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform in Daraa Governorate has completed agricultural pest control operations, which included 666 hectares against the pest of the sauna and 10050,<> hectares against the field mouse pest.

The head of the prevention department in the directorate, Engineer Hassan Al-Smadi, said in a statement to SANA correspondent today that agricultural pest control was carried out according to the most effective agricultural methods, and included various areas of the governorate with the aim of protecting agricultural crops, especially wheat and barley, indicating that the control materials are free of charge and are distributed to agricultural departments and extension units sequentially.

Al-Smadi explained that the field mouse feeds on wheat and barley crops, while the sauna insect feeds on the leaves and stem of grains by absorbing their plant juice, and the nymphs and the whole insects resulting from them feed on the ears, absorbing the sap of the grains in the milky phase, thus producing atrophic grains and affecting the infestation on the specifications of flour and the percentage of germination.

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