It was revealed that the
Korea Industrial Manpower Corporation had mistakenly shredded more than 600 answer sheets for the National Technician Qualification Examination before they could even be graded. More than 600 examinees who have already taken the exam have been re-examined, and it is pointed out that the mismanagement of the examination by the Industrial Manpower Agency is at a serious level.

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The Korea Industry and Manpower Agency said that the answer sheets of the regular one-article test conducted at Yeonseo Middle School in Seoul on the 23rd of last month were shredded before grading.

At the examination center, 1 examinees in 61 categories, including construction machinery and equipment engineers, took the exam, but the sacks with their answer sheets sealed were not sent to the scoring center and were shredded by mistake.

The Industrial Manpower Corporation issued an apology statement, saying, "We bow our heads and apologize for the damage caused by negligent management of the qualification test," and said, "We will work with a resolute determination to do whatever it takes to restore the trust of the qualification test."

The Industrial Manpower Agency has ordered 609 examinees to retake the test from the 609st to the 1th and the 4th to the 24th of next month.

In addition, we decided to actively consider ways to compensate for the damage along with waiving fees.

The Industrial Manpower Agency has been accused of poor management of the national qualification examination, with 25 students failing and then passing again due to poor scoring in the industrial safety engineer examination last year.

The Industrial Manpower Corporation plans to thoroughly investigate the cause of this accident, take strict measures such as holding those responsible accountable, and take measures to prevent a recurrence.

(Video Editing: Choi Eun-jin)