After talking to you about makeup remover products and reusable cottons, 20 Minutes and its partner UFC-Que Choisir remain in the field of cosmetics for a new episode of the Brief Conso.

Even though it's not here every day, the sun made a comeback several weeks ago. The opportunity to bask the pill as soon as the opportunity arises. But for those who have not had this chance, or who wish to speed up the process, there are self-tanning products. Composition, efficiency, price: two experts from UFC-Que Choisir made a comparison among some 300 products.

Do you want to know which substances are present in the composition of self-tanners? If they are toxic? What type of self-tanner (milk, oil, spray, foam) gives the most beautiful tan? Has the best outfit? Are monoi or milking fat self-tanners effective? Ask all your questions!

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