Dmitry Beryshevsky, Director of Economic Cooperation at the Russian Foreign Ministry, stressed that the Russian side is actively working with partners to impose the use of national payment systems as an alternative to the SWIFT system in mutual trade.

Beryshevsky told reporters today on the sidelines of the fourteenth World Economic Forum "Russia of the Islamic World: Kazan Forum": "In the context of the beginning of the dedollarization of the economy, one of the main conditions for the stable development of trade, economic and investment ties is the existence of an independent infrastructure for payments and payments."

"We are actively working to achieve this, and we need to connect alternative national payment systems to SWIFT and expand the use of these payment systems during our trade, prioritizing attention to this issue while recognizing that abandoning the Western-centric financial system in favor of a multi-currency world is inevitable for the foreseeable future," Peryshevsky added.

Noting that many Islamic countries are at the forefront of this trend, Beryshevsky said: "We pay great attention to the interests of our partners and Russia's interest in cooperating through the Islamic banking formula."

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