To increase loading capacity to 2000,<> operations per year

Dubai Maritime develops ship elevators at a cost of AED 38 million

During the signing of the partnership agreement. From the source

Dubai Maritime City (DMC) said that it has awarded the tender to renovate the facilities for loading ships from the pier to the maintenance yard, to the international company «Synchronlift AS», which works in the construction of ship elevators, noting that the cost of the project is expected to reach AED 38 million, while its implementation will take 450 days, to contribute to increasing the capacity to load and lift ships from 800 operations currently, to 2000,<> operations annually upon completion of the project.

Dubai Maritime Group, a subsidiary of DP World, has two elevators to lift and load ships to the maintenance yard, where the services of lifting and towing ships to the area designated for maintenance and renovation work within the city's quay are among the most important advantages it provides to a number of major shipyards, foremost of which are Grandweld, Bawarddamen, and other companies that number more than 280 specialized marine companies.

A statement issued yesterday said that the first elevator includes 28 cranes that can load ships up to a weight of 6000,130 tons, with a length of 14 meters, while the second elevator includes 3000 cranes that can handle ships up to a weight of 90,<> tons, and a length of <> meters.

The upgrade of the lifting and loading lifts comes as part of a comprehensive initiative to develop all Dubai Maritime City facilities, making the city, both industrial and commercial, residential, an icon of living and working with unique standards for maritime sector companies.

Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, Chairman and CEO of DP World, said: "Ship elevator and dry docking facilities are among the most important services we provide, and this is one of the main reasons why international shipbuilders and repairs choose Dubai Maritime City to work in it."

"KACST always aims to keep pace with and exceed the expectations of partners, and we are committed to directly supporting the business of our partners and contributing to the growth of the maritime sector in the region as a whole."

Rolf Atel Thomassen, General Manager of Synchronlift AS, said: "Dubai Maritime City is unique in its facilities and capacity, and we expect others to follow suit after studying its facilities and business model in the coming years.