Launched by the Federal Tax Authority

«Classification of tax agents». An initiative to facilitate the selection of specialized agent across 10 sectors

  • «Finance»: The initiative aims to increase the levels of satisfaction of taxable persons with the services of tax agents. Archival

  • Khalid Ali Al-Bustani: "The initiative makes it easier for the taxpayer to choose the right agent through simplified lists."


The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has launched the "Classification of Tax Agents" initiative to facilitate tax compliance for taxable persons by providing a flexible, clear and accurate electronic mechanism that allows the Authority's customers to choose the specialized tax agent for the sector appropriate to the nature of the taxable person's economic activity, through a list of 10 different sectors that have been identified according to the cumulative actual experiences of the accredited tax agents registered with the Authority. The Authority explained in a statement yesterday that the initiative aims to increase the levels of satisfaction of taxable persons with the services of tax agents, noting that the new "Classification of Tax Agents" service can be benefited from by entering the register of approved tax agents through the Authority's website, then clicking on the "Liquidation of agents" option according to specialization or sector, and choosing one of the agents listed in the required sector.

The Authority revealed that the number of accredited tax agents participating in the new initiative and classified within its sectors reached 319, representing more than 70% of the total number of agents registered with the Authority of 454 agents. She stressed that the performance agreements of federal government entities are characterized by quality projects that move the country towards the future and enhance its competitiveness, as transformational projects are characterized by achieving a significant impact in all sectors within short periods of time, ensuring the application of the new government work methodology for the UAE government.

New Economy

The Director General of the Federal Tax Authority, Khalid Ali Al Bustani, stressed the Authority's keenness to continuously develop its services to meet the aspirations of customers and improve their experiences by expanding the range of innovative solutions to facilitate tax compliance, which are designed based on the results of the opinion poll and proposals monitored by the Authority through its direct communication with customers, and involving them in continuous development and modernization plans that aim to harmonize the services provided by the Authority to the actual needs of customers, and facilitate the journey of obtaining services in accordance with the best quality standards. and reduce time and effort in completing transactions."

He said that the "classification of tax agents" makes it easier for the taxable person to choose the appropriate agent through simplified lists that include specialized agents in each sector and are constantly updated on the Authority's website, where the specialized agent can be easily selected, which contributes to facilitating, accelerating and accommodating the selection process, and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the tax system.

Comprehensive study

The Authority explained that the "Classification of Tax Agents" initiative was designed and launched after a comprehensive study of the needs of taxable persons wishing to deal with the Authority through tax agents, as it was found that many of the Authority's customers face difficulty in choosing the appropriate tax agent in light of the continuous significant increase in the number of accredited tax agents registered with the Authority, and based on these data, the Authority implemented this innovative initiative based on the latest technologies.

She pointed out that the classification process is carried out by adding the specialization of the tax agent according to sectors or tax services based on previous experiences, so the agent can choose the sectors or tax services during which he is classified by providing supporting documents, including letters of recommendation from taxpayers, and certificates of previous experience, where the specialization is added optionally for tax agents wishing to be classified within the initiative.

Classification Sectors

She explained that the sectors of the new classification of tax agents registered with the Authority include: businesses subject to VAT, corporate tax, small and medium businesses (Muwaffaq package), excise tax registration, warehouse keeper registration and designated areas, registration of excise goods, refund of tax on citizens' housing and mosques, government and charitable agencies, foreign businesses (non-residents), and real estate owners.

Submission of tax returns

The Federal Tax Authority expects that the implementation of the "Classification of Tax Agents" initiative will contribute to increasing the compliance rate in submitting tax returns and payment, raising compliance rates for tax registration on time, and obtaining information related to tax procedures with high accuracy.

• 319 tax agents classified under the initiative, representing more than 70% of the total number of registered agents.