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In today's live episode, we will talk about India's economic market, the relationship between the U.S. and India, and Professor Sung Yong Kang of Seoul National University. (Hosted by Son Seung-wook)

Diplomacy with India

- Why is Prime Minister Modi on a state visit to the United States?

- How close are India and the United States economically?

- Why is the U.S. so obsessed with India?

India and the Economy

- What does India eat and buy?

- Why did Apple go to the United States?

- What is the story behind my country's large imports of Indian frozen shrimp?

- Why is India's economy growing when imports outweigh exports?

- What is India's unique model for chaebol-oriented economic policies?

- India, where there is no inheritance tax and gift tax, why is it natural to have canonical adhesion?

How to understand the Indian market

- Modern, Kia's activity in India! What should our companies entering India pay attention to?

- What is the secret of Mirae Asset's success in entering India?

- Indians who used to buy gold and put it under their beds now buy stocks.

- How to use India! Use it as a base in South Asia.

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