Securities firms have taken seized the property of Mr. Ra Deok-yeon, a key figure in the collapse of SG Securities' stock price. Financial authorities have also taken measures to prevent a recurrence, such as reforming the market surveillance system.

Reporter Park Ye-rin covered it.

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Hana Securities said it recently received a decision from the court to seize Mr. Ra Deok-yeon's bank deposits for 32.9 billion won in receivables.

Mr. Ra Deok-yeon was a key figure in the collapse of SG Securities' stock price and is currently in custody.

When brokerage firms faced a sharp decline in stock prices and large amounts of outstanding debt due to counter-trading of CFDs, which are contracts for difference, they took action to foreclose.

Samsung Securities also reportedly seized 1 million won in receivables, including Mr. Ra's bank and securities company accounts.

The losses incurred by the stock price crash will be paid back by the brokerage firm first, and then the retail investor will be charged with the right to remedy later.

However, it is difficult for individual investors to bear the huge losses of hundreds of billions of dollars right now, so securities firms have become burdened with the burden of recovery.

Some brokerage firms are reportedly offering receivables installments for clients who have invested in stocks that have hit the lower limit and have suffered heavy losses.

In connection with this incident, the financial authorities will conduct a full investigation of transactions over the last 8 years through the Korea Exchange to prevent a recurrence of the incident.

In addition, we plan to expand the detection period when selecting stocks suspected of unfair trade in order to detect unfair practices that manipulate the market price for a long period of time for more than one year.

(Video editing: Hwang Ji-young)