Truck drivers in Denmark have blocked border crossings to Germany in protest against the introduction of a truck toll. On Sunday evening, the drivers parked their vehicles next to each other at the crossings in Padborg and Kruså, according to various media reports. From 2025 onwards, a kilometre-based motorway toll is to be introduced for trucks, according to the information. The transport companies are therefore calling for a levy on the toll on the price of diesel.

According to the Danish newspaper "Berlingske Tidende", the police confirmed the actions. Richard Borring of the South and South Jutland police said there were blockades at the motorway exits on the border with Germany.

There were also protests in other parts of the country. The Copenhagen police wrote on Twitter that they were present, among other things, because of blockades near the airport. In the port city of Helsingør in the north-east of the country, trucks are also reportedly blocking roads at ferry docks. Helsingør is one of Denmark's most important ports and is located directly at the narrowest point of the Öresunde – the strait between Denmark and Sweden. On the other side is the Swedish city of Helsingborg.