There must be many people who were uncomfortable because they could not use Kakao Pay
during the day today (15th). I couldn't send money or make payments for 2 hours, and just 1 week later, I had another problem with the Kakao service.

Reporter Jung Joon-ho reports.

The wallet amount of Kakao Pay, a
representative simple payment system, is not displayed and appears as 'inquiring'.

The remittance screen is also broken.

[Kakao Pay user: After lunch, I have to pay for coffee and everything is out, so I have to pay for it separately, but it doesn't work, continue.

At around 12:10 noon today, due to a Kakao Pay system error, services such as remittance, payment, and asset management were disrupted for two hours.

The internet was flooded with complaints that they were inconvenienced by not being able to pay with Kakao Pay after using taxis, restaurants, and beauty salons.

Kakao Pay said that some services had problems due to connection problems due to database load, and they are investigating the specific cause.

There is no loss of user assets and no loss of data, he added.

Last year, Kakao Pay's transaction volume was 2 trillion won and the number of users exceeded 118 million.

Today, we announced a bigger goal of achieving 3 billion transactions per year through a press conference. [Shin Won-geun / CEO of Kakao Pay: In three years, we want to become a life finance solver that solves the financial needs of our users by 100 billion transactions per year.


Less than two hours after the announcement, the service was disrupted.

After a data center fire in October last year caused a prolonged failure of colostrum, Kakao promised to provide stable service, but on the 3th, KakaoTalk was shut down for 100 minutes, and today's Pay service was disrupted again, raising concerns about service safety.

(Video Editing: Lee Sang-min, VJ: Kim Young-rae, Screen Credit: SBS Biz)