The bill for the turn of the century in the boiler rooms is rubbish. The proposed amendments now under discussion do not change this. Exceptions to the obligation to switch to renewable energy sources are and remain arbitrary, depending on whether the threshold is 80 or 67 years.

A lower modernization levy would please tenants. But if you want at least a little more construction in Germany, you shouldn't burden landlords unduly.

A later start date of the law could alleviate the rush on craftsmen. The basic problem, however, remains: Instead of relying on the steering effect of the rising CO2 price, Economics Minister Habeck and Construction Minister Geywitz want to regulate down to the smallest detail when and how to heat with what.

If heat pumps were indeed so superior not only ecologically but also financially to fossil heating systems, the ministers could confidently leave the heat transition to the market. But they probably also suspect that the beautiful calculation on paper will often not work out in practice.