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With the news that
electricity prices are going up, many people are worried about their bills this summer.

There are many predictions that this summer will be especially hot, so reporter Kim Kwan-jin took a look at how much electricity bills will be in the middle of summer, when there is a lot of air conditioning and a lot of wind.

Mr. Im Sung-taek, who runs a butcher shop in
Seoul's Gangseo market, endured a heating bill bomb last winter,

but this time he sighs at the news of the electricity price increase.

This year, a hotter heat wave than normal is forecast, so the burden is bound to be higher.

[Im Sung-taek/Butcher shop operation: (Electricity bill per month) 80,90 won and 1,2 won now, it's coming out tremendously. It's not even midsummer now, but it's already coming out like that.

KEPCO expected an additional burden of 4,3 won for a one-person household and 3,300 won for a four-person household due to this increase in electricity prices, but it is based on the average annual usage, so there is a difference from the actual burden.

Because of the progressive system, if you have a lot of usage this summer, your rates could jump significantly.

The current electricity progressive system has three sections, and the higher the usage, the higher the standard rate.

However, in the summer when usage is high, the progressive standard is further increased to more than 450 kWh and more than 8 kWh to ease the burden of charges.

If we look at the summer electricity usage of households in Seoul last year, the average in August is already in the second stage of progress.

In 2, the hottest year ever, it exceeded 2018 kWh.

For households with heavy usage, it may exceed the third level of 370 kWh, which is subject to a maximum of 3.450 won per kWh.

The government predicted that an average four-person household would spend 307 kWh per year and pay about 3,4 won per month, but it is calculated that in the middle of summer, they will have to pay at least 332,4 won.

In particular, electricity prices have risen three times since last summer: in October, in January this year, and in May.

All told, the impression of nearly 4 won will be reflected all at once this summer, so the feeling is bound to be much greater.

[Yoo Seung-hoon, professor of energy policy, Seoul University of Science and Technology: If you receive a bill in July, the electricity bill may be nearly twice as high as the bill you received in June, but the bill may be even higher....]

This increase in electricity and gas prices is expected to have the effect of raising prices by 7.5 percentage points this year.

Accordingly, the government has announced that it will further expand the progressive section from July this year to ease the burden on users.

(Video Editing: Kim Ho-jin, VJ: Kim Young-rae)

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