Despite the cancellation of the warning strike, numerous regional and long-distance trains of Deutsche Bahn will be cancelled at the beginning of the week. On Monday, around two-thirds of the planned trains will be in long-distance traffic, DB announced on Sunday. Also on Sunday evening there are "individual train cancellations". "From Tuesday, all ICE and IC trains will be back on the road as planned," the state-owned company announced.

For regional transport, DB generally spoke of "restrictions and train cancellations" that were to be expected regionally on Monday and Tuesday. There are also foreseeable restrictions in freight traffic on these two days.

Since the warning strike has only been cancelled at Deutsche Bahn, some connections of private railway companies will also be cancelled on Monday and Tuesday. In Bavaria, for example, the Bayerische Oberlandbahn (BOB), the Bayerische Regiobahn (BRB) and the Meridian, as the railway and transport union EVG announced. The EVG is currently negotiating new collective agreements with dozens of railway companies in parallel.

Tickets for Monday and Tuesday are also valid on Sundays

Deutsche Bahn wants to enable travelers to use their tickets already purchased for Monday and Tuesday on Sunday. "Our goodwill arrangement remains in place," the group announced online. If trains booked for Monday or Tuesday are cancelled, the usual passenger rights also apply - these allow, among other things, to make up for the journey later.

However, since the railway expects very full trains from Wednesday to the weekend in view of the Ascension Day holiday on Thursday (18 May), it advises to bring forward the journeys.

On Saturday, Deutsche Bahn had already indicated that not all trains would be able to run in the coming days, despite the cancellation of the warning strike. "DB is facing the great challenge of rescheduling around 50,000 train journeys as well as the associated shift and deployment schedules," it said.

The warning strike was called off on Saturday as part of a settlement reached in court between Deutsche Bahn and the railway and transport union EVG. Both sides also agreed to continue collective bargaining swiftly.