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says that the untimely heat will arrive from
tomorrow (15th). They say the weather will be much hotter than normal this summer. In order to win the hearts of those who pull cold things at such times, the ice cream industry is indeed hotly contested.

I'm Kim so-young.


Convenience store freezers full of ice cream.

Last year, it is estimated that the size of the domestic ice cream market exceeded 2 trillion won for the first time.

More than 4,2 unmanned stores have sprung up across the country, and more customers are buying multiple stores at once.

Competition among companies is also increasing.

The product, which is made from two identical shapes of traditional melon-flavored ice cream, has sold more than 3 million units since its launch in late March.

The flavors have also been diversified by the unusual combination.

Chestnut-flavored ice cream has been combined with the existing red bean popsicle bar, and honey butter confectionery and carrot-flavored ice cream have also appeared.

[Jung Hye-na/Incheon Jung-gu: It's funny, I think this first, I wonder what kind of flavor it will be, so I buy it, and when I try it, it's not a completely different flavor, but it goes well together....]

Ice cream with rice wine flavor contains less than 1% alcohol, but minors cannot buy it as it uses alcohol.

[Ji Ji-gon/Seocho-gu, Seoul: I was worried about what to do if it smelled a little too much, but it seems to be an ice cream that you can eat very deliciously without such a thing, ice cream for adults.]

With the Japan Meteorological Agency forecasting that "the weather will be hotter than normal this summer," the ice cream industry expects the market to be bigger.

The problem is international sugar prices, which are at an all-time high in 1 years.

Domestic sugar companies plan to raise the delivery price of ice cream companies from the end of this month, so there is a good chance that the price of ice cream, which has risen once in the past year, will increase further before the summer.

(Video reporter: Park Jin-ho, Kim Se-kyung, Video editing: Park Ji-in)