Today is the second appointment in the streets in May for the united unions. After the 30 thousand in the square in Bologna on May 6, today the stage is Milan: CGIL, CISL, UIL together against the social and labor policies chosen by the government, against the lack of inclusion of social partners in the most important decisions, they say.

A path of appointments in the month that should lead to the general strike, but it is not obvious that this will happen. Maurizio Landini, who opened the march today from the Castello Sforzesco together with his comrades from the CGIL, reiterated: "The general strike is not threatened, but organized. The general strike works if everyone does it. We are preparing it because we are facing a government that is not discussing, but is going about its business, worsening conditions".

Addressing the students protesting in tents against the expensive rents, Landini says: "Your struggle is our struggle." And on the demographic winter, a theme at the center of public debate in these hours, after yesterday's States General, he said: "The real reason for the fall in the birth rate is that we are the country with the greatest precariousness in Europe".

There is no CISL secretary Luigi Sbarra today, blocked by health problems. In his place intervenes the confederal secretary Daniela Fumarola. Among those present were Gianni Cuperlo of the Democratic Party and Onorio Rosati of Alleanza Verdi e Sinistra.

direct CGIL

Maurizio Landini

Bombardieri, Uil: "In the streets to change the country. A general strike is an instrument and not an objective"

"CGIL CISL and UIL are in the streets to ask the government and politics to build a different country based on stable, dignified and secure work, given that people continue to die". Thus the general secretary of the UIL, Pierpaolo Bombardieri, on the sidelines of the joint demonstration of the unions, in Milan.

"We would like a tax reform that takes into account those who actually pay taxes and those who evade and we would like to finally discuss a pension reform that until now has sacrificed in particular young people and women through the modification of the 'Women's Option''.

Bombardieri underlines disapproval of the exclusionary methods, in his opinion of the Meloni government: "The convocation made on the labor decree was late - he says -. I must say, however, that Minister Salvini summoned us on infrastructure and for the first time gave us a piece of paper, documents. The love for Homer is ending - he then ironically - and it seems to me that we are finally moving on to written documents".

Regarding the general strike that could be the result of this appointment mobilization, he says: "it is a tool, not a goal."


At the start of the Cgil parade in Milan, 'we will go on' 13/05/23