The 2022 tax campaign began on April 13. There is still some time to fill out your declaration or simply validate the information already known to the tax authorities. It is possible to know certain elements of its tax such as net taxable income. This will be used to calculate the reference tax income and make it possible to calculate the amount of its tax.

To calculate this net taxable income, you must first know your overall gross income. This is obtained by adding up the income, profits and gains you received over a calendar year. These are salaries, retirement pensions, or property income. It is then necessary to apply certain allowances. If you only receive salaries and pensions, the flat-rate deduction of 10% is applied directly to the tax return.

Net taxable income on the last pay slip

From this amount, it will then be necessary to subtract "the expenses listed in the official bulletin of public finances" indicates the tax administration, namely the amount of alimony paid, land and agricultural deficits or the amount you have contributed for retirement savings. Once with this total net income, it is sometimes necessary, in certain situations, to "deduct special allowances to calculate net taxable income". Those who are not concerned can obtain their net taxable income on the last pay slip of the year 2022.

It is this net taxable income that is subject to a tax rate. It is still necessary to divide it by the number of shares of family quotient, says Le Journal du Net. The tax rate varies according to five brackets. Up to 10,777 euros of taxable income, you are exempt from paying income tax. From 10,778 to 27,478 euros, the tax rate is 11%. It rises to 30% from 27,479 to 78,570 euros, to 41% from 78,571 to 168,994 euros and 45% beyond. If you know your net taxable income, you can get the amount of your tax using the simulator available on

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