Cars, boats and bicycles accounted for 77.4% of them

«Economy»: Withdrawal of 42 thousand defective goods from the state markets in the first quarter

«Economy»: Goods withdrawn to fix manufacturing defects free of charge. Archival

The Ministry of Economy revealed the withdrawal and recall of 42,126 defective goods from the country's markets during the first quarter of this year, including 32,589 defective cars, buses, motorcycles and sports boats, which constituted 77.4% of the total goods withdrawn, to repair manufacturing defects, free of charge without incurring car owners any cost, in cooperation with car agencies in the country, in addition to 9537,22 various defective goods, including electrical products, electronics, equipment, furniture and children's toys, which constituted the remaining 6.<>%.

Monitoring conducted by Emirates Today showed that the recalls and recalls included about 32 models of cars manufactured during the period between 2011 and this year, and the recalled cars included models manufactured in eight countries: Japan, Germany, the United States, India, Turkey, Mexico, Slovakia and Thailand.

The monitoring, which was carried out according to data from the Ministry of Economy on recalls, indicated that there are about 13 basic defects in car parts behind the towing and recall of cars, some of which are caused by a defect in several systems and programs that do not comply with the required specifications in this regard. The defects were mainly concentrated in the airbags, fuel tank, brake system, steering wheel, steering column, door latches, side collision sensors, car seats, windshield wipers, tyres, tire pressure monitoring system, rearview camera, panel between the windshield and the main sunroof.

According to the ministry's data, these defects may result in fuel leaks, blocking or low visibility, unintentionally activating airbags, not activating them when necessary, malfunctioning steering wheel controls, trumpet failure, airbag warning indicator lighting, irregular engine work, inability to start the car, failure to open pillows in the event of accidents, failure to close doors tightly, and failure to install child seats using the upper belt, noting that these defects would constitute A danger to the safety of passengers, an increased risk of injury, an increased risk of collisions, accidents while driving, not resisting rolling the car, and endangering the safety of children.

The Ministry of Economy, in cooperation with the concerned companies, also withdrew 9537,<> various defective goods, including electrical products, electronics, equipment, furniture and children's toys.

The goods withdrawn included 1726,2019 units of cordless vacuum cleaners for wet and dry floors made in China, in cooperation with Bissell during 2021 and 179, due to the risk of overheating of the circuit board and the possibility of fire, and the withdrawal of 1997 units of electric condenser microphones made in China in cooperation with Sony Middle East in 6371, and the materials withdrawn included 2020,588 units of mirrors made in China in 673, due to the risk of wall fasteners being broken, as well as the withdrawal of <>. A unit of the hunting toy "Plavinjad" made in China because small nails can detach, leading to a potential choking hazard, especially for young children, as well as the withdrawal of <> units of the game «Skip-hop cloud», because the pieces of raindrops attached to the cloud part attached to the cloud may separate, posing a choking hazard.