It is a large-scale charter fraud case with 2,484 households in the area of Michuhol District, Incheon, and three victims have made a series of extreme choices in recent years. The deceased victims were all in their 3~20s. In the 30th <Catch or Not Catch Charter Fraud Offender> (390.2022.08), New Story reported with a voice urging victims to come up with a remedy for the victims of charter fraud. With the deaths of three tragic young men, the policy authorities are now busy preparing a special law. Victims, however, complain that even this is not really helpful. It is an ineffective measure that is nothing more than torture of hope.

A charter deposit return guarantee system was introduced, and low-interest charter loans were carried out indiscriminately. The government recognized the standard for purchasing guarantee insurance up to 20% of the published price. This is almost 3% of the appraisal price or transaction price. This allowed speculators to buy large quantities of homes without equity capital and with only full taxes. This "capital-free gap speculation" is, after all, a product of misguided government policies. There are also cases of secondary damage in which capital-free gap speculators find new tenants and sneak in for only a down payment when they are unable to return the money due to the expiration of the charter contract.

Experts pointed out that so far, the damage caused by charter fraud is only the beginning, and the scale of damage will expand further from the end of this year to the first half of next year.

"I listened to the landlord and the financial institution recklessly operated and lent me a loan. They need to be held accountable."
- Professor
Kwon Dae-jung, Department of Real Estate, Myongji University
"It will be further expanded until the first half of next year. The problem is that we are not prepared now for future accidents and scams."
- Jin-Yu Kim, Professor
, Department of Urban Transportation Engineering, Kyonggi University The problem is that
a senior mortgage is set up amid the large number of victims of charter fraud. In this case, the charter deposit is relegated to the subordinated bond, and in fact, the entire tax is not returned and goes out on the street. Ultimately, there is nothing we can do to protect them. As tenants, even though they had checked all the conditions to check before signing a contract, why did they have no choice but to lease a property with an underlying mortgage? So is there any way to create a social safety net so that they can at least regain their independence in society?

In episode 150 of SBS's New Story, which airs this week, we heard the heartbreaking stories of victims of the spreading charter scam.