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decided to sell the real estate owned by Korea Electric Power Company, which is in a
management crisis, and return some of the wages of its employees. This would save about 25.7 trillion won. After announcing this, Han announced his intention to resign.

First of all, I'm Kim Kwan-jin.

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KEPCO's additional proposal is 2.20 trillion won more than the 1.5 trillion won announced in February.

Discussions on the electricity tariff hike have been postponed for a month amid criticism that the existing proposal falls short of the people's demands, and it is against the backdrop of intense pressure for financial improvements.

We will sell the nine-story Nam-Seoul headquarters building in Yeouido, Seoul, and increase the lease of 6 office buildings nationwide, including the Hanjeon Art Center in Seocho-gu.

Employees at the general manager level and above will receive the full wage increase this year, and deputy general manager level employees will also return half of the wage increase.

[Jung Seung-il/President of Korea Electric Power: We have been trying to overcome the financial crisis through various self-rescue efforts such as returning wages to management and executive employees along with intense tightening management, but the hard reality is that the surrounding management conditions are still not stable....]

After consultation with the union, it also said it would push for a wage freeze for all 9,10 employees, but the union is opposed.

It did not include a reduction in contributions to Han Major, but the possibility is open.

[Lee Changyang/Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy (yesterday): We have been investing in (Han Major University) in a state of austerity since last year, but we will review it carefully with the Ministry of Finance and Finance and reconsider the appearance as little as possible.]

Along with the announcement, KEPCO President Jeong Seung-il expressed his apologies.

Chung was appointed during the Moon Jae-in government, and has publicly called for him to step down after taking responsibility for the KEPCO management woes.

Korea Gas Corporation, whose receivables accumulated 6 trillion won in the first quarter of this year alone, exceeded 2 trillion won in total, also put forward a self-proposal of 1.3 trillion won, including the return of wage increases.

(Video Interview: Kim Kyun-jong, Video Editing: Kim Yoon-sung)

▶ We have come up with countermeasures, but it is inevitable that the fare will increase... 14 won per kWh increase