From 15 May for flights from Dubai

Emirates adopts digital boarding passes

Passengers can use their digital boarding pass throughout the journey including when purchasing from Dubai Duty Free. From the source

Emirates Airlines announced yesterday that from May 15, the airline will start adopting a digital boarding pass for passengers departing from Dubai instead of the printed version, in another step to provide convenience and ensure digital flights for its customers.

Passengers who check in at Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport can obtain boarding passes via email or SMS.

She added that passengers who check in online can upload their boarding pass to the Apple Wallet or Google Wallet wallet, or receive the boarding pass on the Emirates app, while the checked baggage receipt is emailed directly to passengers or via the Emirates app.

The company pointed out that this initiative contributes to significantly reducing paper waste, while providing a convenient and fast digital check-in experience for passengers departing from Dubai, and reduces the risk of losing boarding passes or forgetting where they are stored, giving passengers peace of mind when traveling.

She stressed that passengers can easily use the digital boarding pass throughout the flight, including when purchasing from Dubai Duty Free, security measures and boarding, by presenting the digital card on the mobile phone, where Emirates agents and airport staff scan the QR code on the card as passengers move through the airport and at the gates.

The carrier indicated that some passengers may need a paper boarding pass to the plane, which is printed for them, such as the travel of families with infants, unaccompanied minors, in addition to passengers who need special assistance, passengers who continue their travel with other airlines, and all passengers who travel on flights to the United States, noting that the option to print the card at the request of travelers is available from Emirates agents at the "counters" of travel procedures.