As the atmosphere of emphasis on performance spreads in
our society, some large companies have recently come out with relatively young executives. However, there are many opinions among workers in their 20s and 30s about whether it is necessary to promote to an executive.

Reporter Jung Joon-ho will tell you the background.


High-paying and empowered executives.

After joining the workforce, everyone has a dream at one time or another.

[Dongmin Baek/Financial Company Intern: It's okay to be a manager and try to run or start a company.]

However, many young professionals today do not find executive promotions appealing to them.

[Taewon Roh/4th year employee: I don't think I have any friends who go to the company to get promoted to executive, and I think a lot of people have the idea that they want to come out after they make an investment or something else to make the cash flow as good as possible.]

When a job search site surveyed workers in their 20s and 30s, more than half said they "don't want an executive promotion."

The most common reason was that "the position of responsibility is burdensome", and it is also a mood to consider whether it is possible to get a promotion and the practicality.

[Hongmin Bae/8th year worker: I've been working for about 8~9 years, so oh, this won't be easy. I dream about it, but I wonder if this is realistically possible.]

This is a change from the past, when people competed for recognition more than others, and it reflects the characteristics of a generation that values personal life satisfaction.

And the more executives' roles extend beyond just performance to organizational management, the greater the stress.

[Lee Kyung-muk/Professor of Business Administration, Seoul National University: (After promotion to executive) If you are eliminated after 1~2 years, it is a more reasonable choice not to do it. Many people wonder if I need to sacrifice my work-life balance.]

Some analysts say that a company culture that makes it difficult to fire employees is a reason why executives are not necessarily preferred.

(Video Editor: Oh No-young, VJ: Park Hyun-woo, Kim Young-rae)