We worked with an expert to analyze the wallet that supposedly belonged to Congressman Kim Nam-guk. As a result, as many as 41 coins were directly traded, and 36 of them had small market capitalizations and were therefore considered to have large market fluctuations. In addition, Congressman Kim Nam-guk has repeatedly acted as an intermediary for receiving commissions 20 times.

This story was exclusively covered by reporter Park Ye-rin.

The four cryptocurrency wallets, believed to belong to
Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Nam-guk, contain nearly 4,2 transactions over the past two years from the date of creation to the present.

As a result of the reporter's analysis of the details with blockchain experts, it was confirmed that he directly traded and invested 3 of the 50 coins in his wallet.

Among them, 41 were so-called "job coins" with a market capitalization of less than $36 million based on global virtual asset market relay sites and less than 1 ranking.

A typical example is the purchase of 244 billion won worth of freshly launched ClayPay coins.

It is believed that they have made aggressive investments in coins that are listed on only one or two coin exchanges or traded between individuals or on private exchanges before listing.

[Kim Dong-hwan/Coin Expert: I think it can be considered a privately held stock that is traded on a private exchange. The reason is simple. Because the profits that can be expected are much greater...]

Beyond simple investment, it also acted as a kind of private brokerage called an "LP."

LP refers to the role of acquiring coins that are not registered on the exchange on a large scale and exchanging these coins to people for a fee.

After analyzing the transaction history, he asked him to exchange his clay, Marvelx, and Metabeans on 30 occasions.

[Kim Dong-hwan/Coin Expert: Because you can't trade before it's listed on an exchange, the value drops considerably. For example, billions of LPs come in and keep changing these coins, which can actually have the same effect as if they were listed on Upbit and Bithumb.]

Experts explained that brokering such little-known and risky coins 20 times is clearly unusual, and it is possible only with high knowledge of virtual assets and long investment experience to be called "people".

(Video Interview: Sung Bo and Shin Dong-hwan, Video Editing: Jeon Min-kyu, CG: Kim Han-gil and Choi Jae-young)