Will French people using their personal training account (CPF) have to pay a balance corresponding to 30% of the apprenticeship price? This was suggested by the Minister of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty Bruno Le Maire, on France Culture on Tuesday.

The latter mentioned possible exceptions, such as "when the employer pays or you are in difficulty, for example if you are unemployed". He also spoke of a "very concrete economy" at stake. This measure, if it were to be applied, would be part of a "review of public spending" concerning all ministries "without exception" and aiming to generate "7 billion euros" in savings by 2027, says Capital.

Conduct only "necessary" training

According to Bruno Le Maire, the establishment of a rest to be borne by the CPF would also make it possible to avoid "training that is not always essential or necessary". As a reminder, this financial participation imposed on CPF users was introduced by the government in the finance law for 2023. However, the amount remaining to be paid could change by the end of the year.

This project must now be the subject of consultations with the social partners. The publication of an implementing decree specifying the amount and form of the financial contribution of users is expected by the end of the year. The decree must then specify the amount remaining to be borne by the user as well as the nature of this participation, which could, among other things, take the form of a percentage, a cap or a lump sum.

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